Tamil Nadu Rural Transformation Project (TNRTP)
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Vazhndhu Kattuvom Project

Department of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj


Vazhndhu Kattuvom Project focuses on households represented by women as the unit of planning. The project targets households which possess a basic level of assets, resources, and skills that can be invested in to enable income increase from value-added economic opportunities. All project beneficiary households will have SHG membership (self or family member). Capable and willing SHG members who can leverage the business ecosystem created by the project will benefit from support for individual enterprises, membership of PCs, and/or skills for self or wage employment.

Vazhndhu Kattuvom Project Investments

Vazhndhu Kattuvom Project will also specifically focus on eligible households from socially and culturally disadvantaged groups are able to harness their existing assets, skills, and resources for greater incomes with the Vazhndhu Kattuvom Project investments that help to:

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Economic Activities

Break their entry barriers to value-added economic activities

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Economic Process

Ensure fuller/greater participation in economic decision-making process

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Enhance access to finance, markets, technology, and related support services

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Grow and graduate current economic activities to value-added ones with higher returns

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Risk management

Mitigate risks related to economic activities

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